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Dental emergencies are always a serious cause for concern. One of the more common dental emergencies involves having a tooth knocked out. This is especially true if you participate in athletic activities or contact sports without a custom fitted mouth guard. If you have a cracked or chipped tooth you should call us immediately

In some cases, the tooth might only suffer from damaged enamel. If the crack or fracture goes deep enough to expose the dentin or you are experiencing pain in the tooth it will need to be immediately addressed before decay or other complications can set in.

You can try to rinse that area of your mouth with lukewarm salt water. This will help remove food particles and debris from the area which might also be causing pressure, while also soothing the gums.

A cold compress held to the side of your face can sometimes help to relieve swelling. Try not to hold it to your face for longer than 20 minutes as the cold can also irritate and harm your skin.

Sometimes the crack or fracture can be repaired with simple cosmetic bonding. This procedure essentially has the dentist fill the damaged enamel with a resin material that is color matched to the tooth’s natural enamel. However, if the tooth is too badly damaged it might require the enamel to be replaced with a crown.

If you or your child has a cracked or chipped tooth you should call us immediately at 508-471-5181 to schedule an appointment.