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Sometimes kids pretend to brush to get out of the task. They usually wet the toothbrush, put toothpaste on the brush and then rinse it off, or even set and run a timer to show they have cleaned their smile. If your child pretends to brush, you’re not alone. Although this is quite frustrating, you still need to do everything you can to make sure your child brushes so they can have the healthy smile they deserve. To help you, our dentist, Dr. Mundra, has some tips and recommendations.

No. 1: Keep the bathroom door open when they brush. This will make it hard for them to pretend to brush because someone could walk in on them at any time. Hopefully, this will give them enough nerves that they won’t try anything. But just to make sure—check in on them every once in awhile.

No. 2: Have your child sing when they scrub. This is a humorous tip because it’s very difficult to sing clearly when you brush. So, if your child is actually brushing, their words will be muffled and hard to understand. If they’re not brushing, their song will be a clear, sweet tune. At this point, walk into the bathroom and remind them that they need to brush.

No. 3: Brush when your child brushes. This is a simple tip that can help you be completely sure that your child is brushing. If you brush while your child brushes, your child won’t be able to escape your gaze and pretend to brush. As you two scrub, try to have some fun. This might make oral hygiene a little more enjoyable for your child.

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