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How can you keep your smile safe after a tooth extraction? Before and after a tooth extraction, always set up an effective plan to prepare your body and home for any dangers that can arise. Additionally, make sure to stop any bad habits, such as smoking before and after the surgery, to ensure the maximum chance of success and to minimize any risks that come along with tooth extractions.

Listed below are some typical treatment methods for healing after a tooth extraction:

– If any dangers should arise during your recovery, contact your dentist as soon as you can.

– Listen to the instructions laid out by your dentist and follow them as taught.

– Get plenty of rest and avoid all types of active labor and exercise so that your body has a chance to heal.

– Oftentimes, the anesthesia will make eating or drinking impossible, so to avoid choking, do not eat anything before the anesthesia wears off.

– Swelling is expected in your face and mouth, so use ice packs to minimize inflammation.

– Take any medications exactly as prescribed by your dentist and should any overwhelming pain persist, do not increase the dosage, but instead, contact your dentist.

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