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If you’re about to get a tooth pulled, there are things you need to do to prepare for your appointment. If you’re prepared, there is a higher chance the treatment will be more successful. So, our Grace Family Dental dental team is happy to help you prepare to visit your dentist, Dr. Mundra.

Make sure you know what time your appointment is scheduled so you won’t be late. Knowing the time you will need to be here will help you plan your day. We also recommend confirming your travel arrangements. If we haven’t told you already, you will need a ride to and from the office because the dental sedation might not allow you to drive.

Generally, it is best to fast for 8-12 hours before your appointment. So, we recommend that you avoid eating or drinking after midnight the night before your appointment. However, there are exceptions for those with health issues. If you are diabetic or if you have a health condition that requires you to eat food, please inform us of this condition.

If you would like to know what to expect during the surgery, please feel free to ask your dentist about the step-by-step tooth extraction process. Knowing these steps will help you prepare for the treatment and it might even help you feel less nervous and anxious.

After you’ve done these things, you’ll be all ready for your appointment! Dr. Mundra and our entire team want you to have the best experience possible, so we strongly recommend doing everything you can to make the appointment smooth and successful. If you have any questions about tooth extraction in Worcester, Massachusetts, or if you need help doing these things, please call us today and talk to a member of our caring dental team.